DATE: 13th April 2019
TIME: 9:00 pm
LOCATION: Via Costantino Morin, 30 - 00195 Rome (Italy)
VENUE: Auditorium Lo Sciamano
An electronic evening at Auditorium 13th April 2019

De Constructing Files: an electronic evening with Giancarlo Erra


Auditorium Lo Sciamano

Via Costantino Morin, 30 – 00195 Rome (Italy) – Subway A, Ottaviano

Ticket: 10 euro

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Electronic music is usually written and based around beats, loops and sequencers. By contrast, mine is written with a classic approach as based around the piano, analogue synthesizers and a string quartet. An Electronic musician’s typical challenge on stage is to make loops and beats ‘playable’ live, while in my case the challenge is the other way around: to deconstruct my recorded music and make loops that can be performed alongside the recordings and as playable parts. I wanted to do this on my own with the most minimal setup possible. The most important thing is to go on stage without any pre-conceived structure and to be able newly rearrange the music every night. A track could last half or twice the original album length; I want to play with the structure rather than just the instruments, and always with a visual counterpart that can change between performances.

This requires a lot of preparation in the studio to enable me to unshackle myself from structure on stage, using one programmable controller to play and loop and control the show, giving me more freedom than the more classic or ‘rock’ approach I’m used to. It’s a completely different mindset for me and a challenge that’s as exciting as it is scary and thrilling!

Combining my former focus on classical music compositions with a contemporary electronic music approach allowed me to finally have the complete freedom to constantly fine tune, define and re-define my music. I’m looking forward to being able to share that experience with an audience outside of the isolation of the studio.

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