UK based Italian composer, producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, visual artist. Founder of Widescreen Studio Limited. Astrophotographer.

From the early experiments with an electric guitar and an Amiga 500's tracker in the 90s to an ongoing 20 years-long story with Nosound band, a solo career in the electronic and soundtrack world, an acclaimed collaboration project and several guest appearances.

Giancarlo Erra started officially his music career in 2003 with the one-man studio project Nosound.

In 2008 he signed the project to the acclaimed UK based experimental label Kscope and moved to the UK. As composer and producer, his music inventively combines ambient electronic and soundtrack elements often arranged in a minimalist serial format with post-rock influences when with his band.

He has released several acclaimed albums, collaborated with prominent artists, and played important stages across Europe. Over the years his music expanded beyond the rock elements and towards more contemporary and electronic influences.

Ends was the debut solo album released in 2019 on Kscope and represents Erra’s first full-blown foray into contemporary classical/minimalist and electronic music.

Departure Tapes is the second 2021 Kscope solo album, written while travelling between the UK and Italy in a difficult time, which saw the loss of his father to cancer. A more personal, experimental and direct release, with the majority of the tracks being recorded live in the studio.

Giancarlo runs his own music production studio and consultation company Widescreen Studio Limited producing all of his works and other artists, and offering IT services tailored for the music industry. As a creative entrepreneur he's involved into several other projects, including Artificial Intelligence. Visit the twin website Giancarloerra.co to know more or connect over LinkedIn.